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CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant

Job Logistics Summary

Posted on: 
October 30, 2023
  • Position: CN - Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Type: Full-time
  • Location: Beckley, WV at a State of West Virginia healthcare facility
  • Compensation: $22/hour


Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with a passion for making a difference? Embark on a fulfilling journey with us in picturesque West Virginia.

As a CNA licensed in the state, you'll be a vital force in our healthcare team, providing exceptional care, fostering camaraderie, and brightening the lives of our patients.

Why Choose Us

  • Nature's Haven: Revel in the natural beauty of West Virginia while advancing your healthcare career.
  • Cutting-Edge Compassion: Join a team committed to pioneering medical practices and elevating patient experiences.
  • Collaborative Kinship: Partner with skilled professionals who value your contributions and nurture your growth.
  • Empowerment and Elevation: We invest in your development, offering opportunities to broaden your expertise.
  • Meaningful Impact: Play a pivotal role in improving patients' health and well-being.


Your Role

  • Hands-On Care: Extend personalized care to patients, assisting with activities of daily living and ensuring comfort.
  • Communication Virtuoso: Collaborate seamlessly with our close-knit team, patients, and families for comprehensive care.
  • Compassion Ambassador: Provide empathy, reassurance, and education to patients, guiding them through their healthcare journey.
  • Detail Dynamo: Keep meticulous records, follow protocols, and uphold safety standards for optimal patient outcomes.
  • Emergency Ally: Rise confidently to urgent situations, providing expert care with poise and proficiency.
  • Provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (personal hygiene, feeding etc.)
  • Maintain resident stability by checking vital signs and weight.
  • Provide for resident comfort by utilizing resources and materials, answering call lights and requests, reporting observations of the residents to the nursing supervisor.
  • Document actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.
  • Protect privacy and dignity by keeping patient information confidential comply with HIPAA guidelines and related laws.


  • CNA Certification: Hold a valid CNA certification in the state of West Virginia.
  • 1 year CNA experience
  • Certifications: CPR - American Heart Association
  • Education: Graduate from an accredited CNA training program.
  • Kindhearted Dedication: Exhibit a heartfelt commitment to patient well-being and a passion for excellence.
  • Team Dynamo: Thrive in a collaborative environment, forging positive relationships with colleagues and patients.
  • Adaptability: Stay composed under pressure and adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.

If you're ready to channel your CNA prowess in the heart of West Virginia's healthcare excellence, we want to hear from you! Join us in delivering unparalleled care and crafting a healthier future for our patients. Apply now to embark on your CNA adventure in our vibrant acute care environment.


  • Excellent opportunity to join a state facility and develop your skills in a new environment.
  • This could lead to other opportunities in other places as well.

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