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Job Logistics Summary

Posted on: 
August 17, 2023
  • Position: Business Manager
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Location: New York City based
  • Work Hours: 40 hours per week. While not strictly a Monday-Friday, 9-5 role, evening and weekend commitments are part of our operational rhythm. Occasional on-site weekend visits or being "on call" may arise, balanced with periods of remote work. Adaptability in this dynamic environment is paramount.
  • Salary Range: $75k - $100k
  • Timeline: We’re looking to hire someone ASAP, but will spend the necessary time to find the right fit.


Seeking you... if you:

  • Love to steer major business functions, ensure financial targets are met, and focus unwaveringly on the bottom line, all while understanding the intricacies of daily operations.
  • Prioritize confidence and trustworthiness, and adeptly employ top-tier problem-solving skills, always staying a step ahead by anticipating potential challenges.
  • Excel in follow-through and prioritization, keeping the team in perfect alignment. Your meticulous planning and impeccable execution of significant projects showcases your unmatched organizational prowess.
  • Engage with clarity and empathy, while showcasing unparalleled conflict resolution skills. Forming trusted, result-driven relationships comes naturally to you, making you a linchpin in fostering team harmony, especially among senior leaders.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset, blending strategic and practical solutions seamlessly. Your role as a guide and mentor shines through, ensuring every vision translates into tangible outcomes.
  • Value the intricacies of small business settings and resonate deeply with the transformative essence of art.
  • Approach every task, regardless of its magnitude, with unwavering dedication and clear, goal-oriented vision, ensuring accountability is never compromised.

Who We Are

The Art Studio NY is looking for a dynamic Business Manager! As NYC's premier art studio, with a track record spanning 19 years, we're renowned for our unwavering commitment to art enthusiasts ranging from ages 2 to 102, and from every skill level, especially the absolute beginners. Every week, our talented artist educators lead over 100 art classes that inspire, uplift, and foster a non-judgmental environment, both in-person and online. This extends to off-site sessions at corporations, schools, libraries, and more.

Each member of our enthusiastic art team is not just dedicated to guiding students to unleash their creative potential but also balances their role as a professional artist with that of a compassionate educator. Central to our ethos is the belief in the transformative power of art. Our commitment goes beyond mere instruction, emphasizing a holistic approach that merges artistic techniques with authentic self-expression. Every instructor embodies this philosophy, ensuring an ambiance of warmth, inclusivity, and safety.

Navigating the post-COVID era, we're in a thrilling phase of expansion. As we soar to new heights, we're on the lookout for an innovative mind to join our ranks and further enhance our legacy of success and passion for art.

The Role Logistics

We are seeking business management support, pivotal in an array of operational domains. As we position ourselves for continued growth and success, this role will profoundly influence our trajectory. Hence, we are seeking a seasoned leader boasting considerable business management and operations expertise, someone ready to make an immediate impact.

We offer a full-time W2 position with benefits, including a monthly health insurance allowance, paid time off, and a 401k plan. Additionally, driven individuals who substantially contribute to our growth can benefit from a revenue-sharing opportunity, reflecting their direct impact on our success.

The role at our Upper West Side NYC studio is uniquely dynamic, tailored for those with a robust business mindset desiring real ownership in driving a business.

Our operations combine consistent classes at fixed times with adaptive scheduling to meet real-time demands, like exclusive VIP sessions or spontaneous corporate bookings. The ideal candidate will be NYC-based, ready for immersive on-site engagement, especially initially. However, as trust is established, there's room for greater some flexibility, possibly including a work-from-home day, always aligned with the business's rhythm and requirements.

Available to people authorized to work within the United States. We highly encourage candidates who are LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, neurodiverse, disabled and other communities.


Responsibilities and Areas of Need

Below is a list of areas where we have gaps and need your help, in priority order.

Bonus if someone has multiple areas of interest. Mega bonus if someone has multiple areas of interest AND experience AND they love what we do AND they can keep up with high performers. To note: this role is very hands-on. You'll be overseeing diverse groups, including offsite locations. We need someone who's ready to roll up their sleeves and be right there on the ground with our team!

  • Your role will demand a comprehensive understanding of major business aspects. From sales to operations, you'll handle challenges head-on, providing expert recommendations and overseeing the successful execution of solutions.
  • Play a pivotal role in materializing creative ideas. Set the bar high by leading through example, nurturing a culture of accountability, and demonstrating exemplary management skills.
  • From the moment someone is on-boarded to the time they exit, you're responsible for ensuring smooth operational processes. This involves a spectrum of responsibilities including training, feedback cycles, scheduling, salary adjustments, and even the difficult termination processes if necessary.
  • Continuously introduce, document, and refine business processes. Your aim? Efficiency, structural integrity, and streamlined operations.
  • Beyond mere budgeting, dive deep into revenue tracking and expense management. Engage with tools like Quickbooks and Chase to produce financial reports, and maintain open channels with the accounting team.
  • NYC is vast, and you'll be at the helm of finding ideal venues for our varied classes, programs, and events.
  • Research, communicate, and coordinate with our Payroll/HR partner concerning a plethora of HR necessities. From risk assessments and payroll processing to ensuring legal compliance and policy updates. Additionally, manage the nuances of independent contractor agreements.
  • Whether it's in-person or online, you'll craft strategies for classes, monitor competition, analyze price points, and keep an eye on emerging trends. Your objective is to not just maintain but elevate our offerings, exploring further profit avenues.
  • Your role will be pivotal in not only overseeing current partnerships but also in identifying and nurturing new growth opportunities, especially with institutions like corporations, schools, program centers, and even potential government entities.
  • Ensure everyone is aligned, synchronized, and moving towards a common goal. You'll be the linchpin, ensuring everyone is on the same page, and operational strategies are clear and effective.
  • Drive tangible results across functions, ensuring that the organization's goals and objectives are not just met, but consistently exceeded. Your proactive solutions, ability to foresee potential roadblocks, and agility in navigating them will be crucial.


Skills That Will Enable You to Thrive

  • You consistently exhibit trustworthiness and proactivity in a fast-paced environment, always focusing on solutions and improvements.
  • With a knack for clear communication and attentive listening, you efficiently prioritize and manage multiple tasks, showcasing your resourcefulness.
  • Passionate about the transformative power of art, you seek personal and business growth, valuing every opportunity to advance and inspire.
  • You thrive in small business environments, appreciating the hands-on approach and the rapport built with key stakeholders like the CEO.
  • Combining your expertise in Business Management/Operations with your role as an integrator, you understand all nuances of business functions and excel at turning plans into action.
  • Leadership comes naturally to you from enhancing business processes to managing teams, you understand organizational dynamics and consistently lead by example.
  • Your analytical skills allow you to derive and interpret metrics, refining strategies to ensure business growth. Your financial acumen stands out – meticulous with financial tracking, you ensure everything aligns with the bottom line and are genuinely motivated by financial growth.
  • Valuing diversity, you cherish working within varied teams and serving a diverse clientele, backed by your experience in diverse service-driven businesses.
  • Your understanding of the NYC business landscape positions you to recognize and seize potential growth opportunities.

We believe that a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences enrich our team and allow us to achieve above and beyond our goals. If you do not have experience in all of the areas detailed above, we hope that you will share your unique background with us in your application and how it can be additive to our team.

The Art Studio NY is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


Why It’s Awesome to Join Our Team

1) Our holistic benefits package includes a health insurance stipend, paid vacation, a competitive 401k plan, and potential revenue sharing, all reflecting our commitment to work-life harmony and team member growth.

2) Our team is a vibrant tapestry of unique talents, with each member infusing their own brand of magic into the mix. If you thrive amidst passionate, innovative, fun-loving, and driven colleagues, you'll fit right in with us! What's more, our clientele consists of a fascinating array of individuals. Many team members cherish interactions with our sharp, diverse students from every corner of NYC life. Our clients often self-select, fostering a strong sense of community that resonates throughout our organization.

3) We're not just about business we're about making a difference. We champion empowerment, inclusion, and overall well-being. If you resonate with these values and wish to be a part of a team that cares deeply and acts with purpose, you'll find a fulfilling role here.

4) We uphold rigorous standards for our work and anticipate the same level of commitment to detail and quality from our team. If you consistently strive for excellence, you'll have the platform to play a pivotal role in advancing an established business to new heights of success.

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