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About this company

Your secret weapon for making big (business) dreams happen.

Award-Winning Community | PR Hype Machine | Diverse Ecosystem

Dreamers & Doers is a unique blend of high-impact community and PR hype machine amplifying extraordinary entrepreneurial women.

What sets Dreamers & Doers apart is our careful curation, and enormous emphasis on values.

Our members are givers who turn mutual support into a competitive edge. Uplevel, together, by fostering powerful bonds with extraordinary women.

Get amplified. Add rocket fuel to your journey with powerful PR opportunities.

Dreamers & Doers

What makes this company magical

1. Work virtually from anywhere, on a schedule that is super flexible, and works for you! We want you to be able to get your work done on-time, and then log-off to spend time with your family/friends/partners/children/fur-babies/Netflix!

2. We care about empowering people. We offer a professional development and coworking stipend as well as internal training and support so you have what you need to thrive.

3. You’ll work with amazing people. If it sounds exciting to work with values-driven, excellence-oriented, communicative, positive, generous, no ego, reliable, fun, and kind people… that’s us!

4. We have a high bar for excellence, results, and integrity and there’s a lot of opportunity to grow with us long term. If you’re dedicated to detail-oriented quality: you will succeed here fast! ✨

Dreamers & Doers

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